Adalynne Quesenberry

UI and Gameplay Programming

I'm primarily a UI programmer. It is my job to implement the systems that make the game make sense to the player, and to create tools to empower designers to implement these systems themselves.

For the past two years, I've been building up Ready At Dawn's UI System, working on both console and VR games. I also have experience building UI systems in both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. I'm a fairly adaptable programmer, and if the tools do not exist, I will create them.

My primary language is C++, though I've programmed in C# for several years. I'm also a fan of Rust. I dabble in Python a bit, too. I have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of computer science, and pick up new languages fairly quickly.

Outside of UI Programming, I really enjoy working with Computer Graphics, Physics Simulations and Procedural Generation.

Outside of programming entirely, I dabble in 3D Printers and analogue synth music.

Still curious? Check out my GitHub projects.

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